• Preparing the Regional Workforce










                                                       What will it take to fill the talent gap in workforce?

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  • Building an Economy with an Army of Ambassadors









    Inter-county collaboration is the key to economic progress. Affecting change in a region doesn’t take place overnight. And it doesn’t happen with a single individual. But with an army of ambassadors. Learn More

  • Heart Rate








    We are pumping new life into our economy by working together with a cross section of talents, public and private sector interests, minority and female owned businesses. We have the momentum and drive to make change happen.

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  • Focus Forward Central Illinois

  • Vital







    Since 1992, members of the ViTAL Economy (VE) Alliance have guided regional economies in 43 states and three countries to a brighter future using our proven blueprint, the VE Journey. These communities have transformed themselves from declining to sustainable regional economies. ViTAL Economy is leading Central Illinois on its journey.  

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